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Hotkey Commander (Abbreviation HC) is a powerful hotkey managing and overriding tool for Windows®. If you are a frequent hotkey user, you may found that while hotkeys bring much convenience and advantages, they act rudely and annoyingly sometimes. Hotkeys are usually defined or registered by individual applications. Some moral applications would allow users to redefine their hotkey combination so that they don't conflict with other hotkeys. Some "evil" applications won't at all. No matter what more and more hotkeys may become chaos and make you confused at last. Even if you don't use hotkeys at all, you may want to disable or override hotkeys occasionally so as not to be interrputed by their default actions. Imagine when you are shooting bullets with your enemies in some game and unfortunately hit the <Win> key accidently and then being forced to the Windows desktop. Well, by Hotkey Commander you can easily explore and manage all the hotkeys in your system. With a lot of great features including: Multimedia Keyboard
  • Find out what hotkey combination is registerd by which application.
  • Disable hotkey actions, return the keystrokes "eaten".
  • Override the original hotkey with a different key combination you prefer.
  • Create hotkey *combinations* or *sequences* in Hotkey Commmander's Innovative Keystroke Style.
  • Define hotkeys with Left/Right modifier keys (<Ctrl>, <Alt>,...) sensitive.
  • Automatically control hotkey actions under certain conditions like "after holding down for 3 seconds", or "if some application is running currently".

Don't forget Hotkey Commander provides automation tools like other hotkey utilities also. You can assign hotkeys for a series of custom tasks or batch jobs to be performed automatically, which can significantly simplify your work and save your time. You can:

  • Simulate multimedia function keys on multimedia keyboards such as browser key, email key, media play/volume key, etc.
  • Assign hotkeys to various tasks, including opening documents, going to websites, running programs, playing media clips, shuting down computer, etc.
  • Record keyboard/mouse macros and play them back.
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Platforms Supported
  • Microsoft Windows® NT
  • Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional/Server
  • Microsoft Windows® XP Professional/Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows® Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows® Vista 32- and 64-bit NEW
  • Microsoft Windows® 7 32- and 64-bit NEW

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